Our very successful UCLA ARTS CAMP/WORKSHOPS is a summer experience for people between the ages of 14 and 20.  These are the most professional, intensive and creative summer workshops for youths that are offered by the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.  The program consists of one, two and three week workshops in various disciplines of the performing and media arts which are patterned after the professional and academic curriculums offered in the school itself. Held within the classrooms, theaters, dance studios, soundstages, editing labs and television studios of the school, the workshop uses the same state of the art facilities and equipment that our own University students use during the normal academic year.

While under our care participants immerse themselves in a 9 – 5 daily creative experience designed and developed by the academic and professional educators many of whom are members of the TFT faculty. A browse through this web site will demonstrate that our faculty are not only professors in the school but working professionals in the theater, film and television industry. They take time off from their busy schedules to spend days and sometimes weeks with us in training the next generation of creative talent. Whether you are enrolled in a workshop in Acting for he Camera, Digital Filmmaking, Advanced Playwriting, Animation, or Musical Theater you will find that the faculty in the workshops are passionate and dedicated about what they freely teach and freely share their passion – which is why many of our students go from one workshop to another and often stay for three or more weeks enjoying the fun and excitement that the creative experience holds. But it does not end there. Each participant lives in one of the campus dormitories, where, with the professional guidance of US Performing Arts, they experience and are immersed in the true UCLA campus life.  This year participants may also commute instead of staying in the dorm.  Our UCLA Arts Camp/Workshops are indeed a life changing experience for many.

When you visit this  site if you click on the logo on each page that says US Performing Arts it will take you to the site where you can register and see the costs for each of the workshops. Operated in association with US Performing Arts, a national organization that shares the same tenets of a quality arts education for which our school is internationally recognized, we are pleased to be partnered with them in our 13th year of the program. The curriculum and its 9:00 – 5:00 class structure is fashioned and administrated by the professionalism of the school, while the marketing, enrollment, registration, and room and board management and after workshop activities are administered skillfully by US Performing Arts and their wonderful staff of highly trained performing and media arts professionals. As our program often involves nightly preparation for the next days’ course of study, the US Performing Arts staff provides creative support to every one of our participants during dormitory hours.  We invite you to visit their web site at www.usperformingarts.com  to find in more detail the careful thought given to our working relationship.