Undergraduate Acting Interview/Audition Requirements


Applicants will be contacted ONLY if more information is needed and an Interview/Audition will be required. (An Interview/Audition is not always required for admittance. Therefore, not all applicants will be contacted.)

Applicants who are REQUIRED to attend an Interview/Audition will be contacted by December 14, 2017. A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an appointment.


Interview/Audition Appointment Scheduling

● Schedule the IN-PERSON Interview/Audition, if required.
       - If an Interview/Audition is required, applicants will schedule an Interview/Audition Appointment online through their Acceptd account..
       - A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an Interview/Audition appointment.



Interview/Audition Day Requirements

On the day of your appointment, there will be four parts to the ACTING Interview/Audition:

    1. Information Session
    2. Movement Audition
    3. Interview
    4. Monologues

**Please bring a copy of your resume and recent photo on the day of your appointment.**

The total time you need to be present for your Interview/Audition appointment is between 3-5 hours.


A one-hour Information Session will be held for applicants and parents during the scheduled Interview/Audition period. You do NOT need to schedule additional time for the Information Session. At the Information Session you will learn about the UCLA Theater department, as well as our undergraduate curriculum. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the theater program. Parents are excused after the Information Session is over.


You will participate in a set of group movement exercises. You will NOT be dancing. See below for attire guidelines.

       - Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, including sweats or light cotton pants. No dance attire or character shoes.
           No skirts or dresses for the movement audition.
       - Bring socks, but be prepared to work barefoot. No footed tights.
       - Please remove and stow all jewelry prior to the movement auditions.

You may wish to perform some light stretching on your own, immediately prior to the movement component, but no other preparation, coaching or training is required or recommended. You may wish to bring a small towel.

Once the movement audition begins, we will be looking to see how you comport yourself in a group setting. Some activities might be familiar, but most likely not. Don’t sweat it. We are not necessarily looking for virtuosity, but rather how you respond to challenges and go with the flow.


There will be a short interview during which you will discuss your goals and aspirations for studying theater in a university setting.


Applicants should fully prepare, memorize and present two (2) 90-second monologues from published plays. Please note that monologues originating from "monologue books" or movies are strictly prohibited. Be prepared to answer questions and discuss the play and author, if asked.

Please prepare:

       - One CLASSICAL PIECE (written prior to 1800, preferably Shakespeare) - 90 seconds or less
       - One CONTEMPORARY PIECE (written after 1900) - 90 seconds or less


MONOLOGUES: Important Information & Tips

  1. We prefer to see what you prepare on your own, without direction or coaching (although you may wish to seek advice from a mentor concerning your audition selections). Please avoid anything you have already performed publicly for an audience.
  2. Choose material that you can relate to and fully understand.
  3. Do NOT use an accent or dialect. Trust your own voice!
  4. Neither prepared monologue should exceed 90 seconds. If either monologue substantially exceeds the time allotment, we will assume you cannot follow directions. If you need to cut your monologue, we recommend making cuts at the beginning or end. Avoid internal cuts.
  5. You might be asked to perform just one selection, so begin with whichever monologue you think is stronger.
  6. Please do not speak your monologue directly to the auditor, unless the auditor specifically requests that you do so. If your monologue is spoken to another character, choose a point of focus at or near eye level on the wall behind the auditors. Do not speak to a chair!
  7. You may be stopped at any time. This is in no way a negative appraisal of your work, but rather to assure we make best use of our limited time with you. Remember, we are trying to assess the likelihood that you will thrive in our program, not your worth as a person or an artist.
  8. You may not use props or costumes during your audition.
  9. Do not expect feedback at the audition.

ATTIRE: Notes about Your Appearance

There are four different components to the Interview/Audition, each with its own guidelines, so please plan your attire accordingly. General guidelines include the following:
   a. Make sure you are well-groomed. A slovenly or unkempt appearance is never appropriate for an audition.
   b. If you wear piercings (facial, tongue, etc.), please remove these prior to the Interview/Audition. Remove ALL jewelry prior to the movement component of the audition.
   c. Remember that you are auditioning for training, not for a particular play. We are most interested in how you will comport yourself in the classroom/studio, not how you will look performing a particular role.
   d. Avoid restrictive clothing. Wear clothing which is comfortable, in which you may move freely and unselfconsciously.
   e. Avoid printed material on shirts and tops. T-shirts with messages or slogans are distracting to the auditors, who wish to focus on you and the material you are presenting.
   f. See MOVEMENT AUDITION above, for other specific guidelines relating to that component of the Interview/Audition process.


Important Notes:

  1. If you are accepted and enroll as a student in the acting or musical theater sequence, you are required to enroll in certain courses every quarter until you graduate from the program (12 units minimum per quarter).
  2. Acting/Musical Theater students who are absent for more than one quarter (for any reason, including educational programs such as Education Abroad) may lose their standing in the program. Re-entry is based on the discretion of the faculty and is NOT guaranteed; an audition may be required.

If you have Interview/Audition questions, contact audition@tft.ucla.edu for the quickest response, or (310) 206-4418. When leaving a message, please include your e-mail address.