Reed Van Dyk
Director, DeKalb Elementary

Inspired by an actual 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Matt Russak
Director, Something's Different About Felix Weathers

When Felix Weathers is laid off from his job of 40 years, he decides to rob a local bank to pay his bills; but after a change of heart, he accidentally robs the nearby convenience store instead.

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Tiffanie Hsu
Director, Wonderland

12yo Adeline Tang struggles to keep her family together while stranded in Vegas over Christmas with her gambling-addicted mother.

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Jessica Fuh
Director, Us

Two codependent 24-year-old roommates find their friendship tested when one gets a girlfriend for the first time.

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Athanasios Papastergiou
Director, SandyBeach

An ordinary day at the beach takes a troublesome turn.

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Kelly Pike
Director, Owen

With her survival on the line, Helen must face a painful decision.

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Laurie Russman
Director, Out of the Shallow End

Water polo is very taxing even for experienced swimmers, so consider how challenging it might be if you haven't yet learned to swim.

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Marta Savina
Director, Viola, Franca

In 1965 Sicily, a 17 year old girl's act of defiance will change Italian history and start the fight for women's rights.

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