New Works Program 1

James Bridges Theater

Jun 9, 2013 @ 12:30 PM


Sponsored by the Student Directors Association, the New Works Program features short films from UCLA filmmakers and animators, both graduate and undergraduate. The films screened at this event embody the bold, original storytelling tradition that the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television has fostered for decades.


Each New Works program offers a new opportunity to view exciting new films alive with originality, depth, artistry and skill.

New Works Program 1 Films

Crystal Us | Strings


A surreal musical journey about a mother and daughter who find themselves in two separate dimensions after an ice-skating accident.

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Susana Casares | Tryouts


Being a teenager isn't easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim-American girl who wants to join her new high school cheerleading squad.

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Matthew Hartman | The Adventures of Lynn and Leo


Lynn would rather go into her imagination than clean up her room.

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Vanita Shastry | Trespasses


An ex-IRA member-turned-informer lives in hiding, fearful of being caught. When the love of his life tries to reunite with him, his intense paranoia destroys them both.

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Carlos Marques-Marcet | The day we met her


We were all very nervous. It was the day we finally met her. Is she going to like us? I couldn't avoid use the cellphone to never forget this moment. But, can we do cinema with just a cellphone?

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Cynthia Tran | Tick Tock


An anxious college graduate finally lands a job interview, but things spiral out of control when his insomnia gets the best of him.

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Court Soto | Unfinished


Allan, a timid pushover, must learn to make love with his fears in order to start living life for himself.

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Charlie Guillen | Hearts and Minds


A soldier, recently returned from Afghanistan, struggles to deal with a past deed, and begins his inner journey for redemption.

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Sylvia Terry | Shell


From a mystical seed, a woman (re)creates herself.

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Lorraine Rodrigues de Carvalho | That Awkward Dance of Redemption


When Joel, a closeted homosexual, is robbed, his mother helps him in an unexpected way.

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Paul Reisinger | Lucky Day

Lucky Day is set in 1969 and tells the story of college student Mike and his friends watching the Vietnam Draft Lottery on TV. If their birthday is picked, they'll be drafted into the Vietnam war and face likely death. The situation escalates when one of them admits to have enlisted with the Air Force already. Based on a true story.

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Zoie Harmon | Eat Your Beast


Eat your beast before it eats you.

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Francesca Holland | Butterfly


Stacy's research into "Reincarnative Identity Disorder" leads her into a conflict of faith.

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masami kawai | Cleaner


A dry-cleaner faces pressures from a crime syndicate. When Jae decides to put an end to extortion payments, the secrets of her family past come to surface.

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Josh Yunis | Not to be Confused


Eric didn't exactly fit in at the gym. Until today.

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Dallas last name | HOZON (trailer)


A CEO must convince Board of Directors to save his ill daughter from a contaminated lab.

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Lucas Mireles | A Bad Person


What happens to those who can't be quiet at night? For Matthew, it can be summed up in one phrase: 'A teaspoon will kill a horse.'

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Melody C. Miller | Silent Sea


A girl who does not fit in with society finally finds love, but she also finds out that she is not a normal human. She is a Selkie. An old Celtic myth of seals that can turn into humans every 7 years. She has to make a choice between freedom or love.

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