New Works #1: It's Not You.../LMFAO

James Bridges Theater

Jun 7, 2015 @ 1:00 PM -


The New Works screenings feature short films from UCLA filmmakers. New Works #1 features films from our MFA Directors that embody the bold, original storytelling tradition that the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television has fostered for decades. 


Kate Gleason
Director, This Day Forward

After 50 years of marriage, a long-buried secret comes to light.

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Leah Rae Hulgin
Director, No Experience Necessary

Cries for help are frequently inaudible. -Tim Robbins

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Zach Marion
Director, Family Unit

A female inmate shares a 3-day conjugal visit with her husband on prison grounds.

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Eric Vennemeyer
Director, Saving Jane

A brand-new College Freshman is caught between trying to fit in and coming to the rescue when she thinks her friend is in danger at a party.

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Peter Fuller
Director, Jump

…for joy.

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Robert Shane Ellis
Director, Plunder Bunny

At the beach, no one can hear you tan.

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Daniel Lafrentz
Director, Number One

Too much coffee and nowhere to go makes Arthur resort to desperate measures.

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Marcus Chan
Director, Everything's Gonna Be Okay

A man must choose between his dream, his love, and his duck.

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Robert Shane Ellis
Director, PSIONICS

In a café, no one can hear you think.

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Matt Russak
Director, Boot

When boss isn't around, Lenny finds out that maybe taking care of business isn't quite as easy as he thought it was.

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