New Works Screenings #1

James Bridges Theater

Jun 8, 2014 @ 1:00 PM


The New Works Program features short films from UCLA filmmakers and animators, both graduate and undergraduate. The films screened at this event embody the bold, original storytelling tradition that the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television has fostered for decades.

James Orlando
Director, Glass

Addiction comes in many forms.

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Jay Weneta
Director, Home No More

One year after the start of World War I, a lone Frenchman fights to find a new place to call home.

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Rafe Blood
Director, His Name Was No One

15 year old Mickey begins to question his family situation when he uncovers an old birthday card from his absent father.

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Emily Crook
Director, The Story of An Hour

Upon receiving news of her husband's death, Kate reflects on her life for an hour.

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Camille Dunn
Director, The Thread of Midnight

A fragile, old man moves into a boarding house filled with courteous neighbors and a generous landlord; yet he can't shake the feeling that he is being watched.

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Ricardo Omar Ramirez
Director, Days Gone Bye

A father copes with the realities of a life that means contemplating whether to put an end to his miseries by putting an end to his daughter.

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Jason Ward
Director, Bring it on Down

The rhythm of living is a fragile thing.

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Emma Wisdom
Director, Confido

A mind-reading device forces a husband and wife to question humanity.

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Morgan Peterson
Director, Tom Robbin's Jitterbug Perfume pages 10-13 1/2

"What's in a beet?"

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