Samuel Goldwyn Foundation

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation was created in 1947 by Samuel Goldwyn. Under his leadership and those of subsequent presidents, Frances Howard Goldwyn and currently Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., the Foundation has been a major contributor to organizations that deal with children, health and education in Los Angeles.

Two of its major contributions are the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards, created in 1955 and held under the auspices of UCLA and the 1974 construction of the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In 1983 the Foundation ventured in a public partnership with the City of Los Angeles to rebuild a city library burned by arson. The result was the award-winning Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Branch Library, which opened in 1986.

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children's Center is the Foundation’s most recent project. The Center houses 80 children whose parents work in the entertainment industry. In addition to the major projects which it funds, the Foundation also annually funds many innovative community, educational and social programs.