Information for Summer Students

During Summer Session non-UCLA students may enroll in regular UCLA classes and participate in the UCLA Film & TV Internship Program. Summer students get access to our proprietary online database of internship companies, attend the weekly seminar, participate in mixers, and are invited to join our Internship Program Alumni Network.

This page provides summer students with information on how to obtain an internship, how to enroll in our internship program, and where to look for additional information.

  1. Searching for Internships
  2. Registration and Enrolling in Internship Classes
  3. Housing
  1. Information for International Students

For a more intensive summer experience, you may want to check out our UCLA Film & Television Summer Institute , which offers tracks in Animation, Creative Producing, and Film Production.

1. Searching for Internships

Obtaining an internship is very similar to finding a job. It is ultimately your responsibility to secure the internship. But we provide some tools to assist you in the process. Start off with our “Applying for Internships” pamphlet.

Search for internships in BruinView, the UCLA Career Center’s comprehensive internship and job database. BruinView includes TFT-approved internships in the entertainment industry.

  • Log in to BruinView with your UCLA Logon ID, then click “Jobs” (on obtaining a Logon, see “Registration” below)
  • Use the keyword “TFT” to search for TFT-approved internships
  • Follow the application instructions provided by employers 
  • To find additional listings in relevant industries, click the “Advanced Search” link
  • Search the Industry fields such as “Arts & Entertainment” and “Advertising” and the Position Type fields “Internship (Paid)” and “Internship (Unpaid/Course Credit).” These search results may include TFT-approved employers as well as other employers.
  • Apply for all relevant employers, and then update us when you receive an internship offer.  Positions which have not been pre-approved will be reviewed in time for you to enroll in the TFT internship program.

Please know that we make every effort to screen and approve only the most reputable companies. However, you are encouraged to further research these companies and use your own best judgment in pursuing the right opportunity. If you believe a company does not provide a professional and adequate work environment, please let us know:

IMPORTANT: Companies usually start recruiting summer interns from December through April. It is your responsibility to apply to those offers on time.

2. Registration and Enrolling in Internship Classes

In order to receive credit for an internship, undergraduates must enroll in two classes: FTV 194 AND FTV 195.

  • The FTV 194 “Internship Seminar” course offers undergraduate students an overview of the film, television and digital media industries. It provides students with a larger frame of reference for their internship and includes lectures and discussions on current industry trends and issues. This class is a variable topics course, so each quarter will offer a different focus on the entertainment industry. Please see the Registrar’s schedule for current class times. Attendance is required of all undergraduates in all ten sessions.
  • FTV 195 "Corporate Internship in Film & TV" offers academic credit for fieldwork. You must commit ten weeks to your internship. There are no weekly meetings for this course.

FTV 194 AND 195 must be taken concurrently with the internship.

  • Undergraduate students must have junior or senior standing to enroll in FTV 194 and FTV 195. Freshmen, sophomores and those students with an internship not related to film, television or digital media should contact the Center for Community Learning in Murphy Hall for internships courses through other departments.
  • Undergraduate students from all majors are welcome to participate in the Film, TV and Digital Media Internship Program.

Course requirements:

  • Students earn two units for 194 and 2 to 6 units for the FTV 195 internship component. Students should elect 2 units for a minimum of 140 hours per quarter or summer session; 4 units for a minimum of 170 hours per quarter or summer session; and 6 units for a minimum of 200 hours per quarter or summer session.
  • Students receiving 6 units for 195 should conduct 3 interviews with individuals at the internship company and include a report with their final research paper.
  • A completed time sheet, approved by the student’s site supervisor, and a company profile are required at the end of the quarter.
  • Click here for the 195 syllabus.

3. Registration:

  1. Register through the Summer Session website. Once you are registered you will be able to set up a UCLA Logon ID.
  2. Next you enroll in FTV 194 directly through MyUCLA.
  3. You will find that FTV 195 is “closed.” To enroll in FTV 195 you will need to complete a CONTRACT through MyUCLA. Click on the tab “Classes” in the top bar; in the drop-down menu under “Classes and Exams” choose “Contract Courses.” Follow the instructions (Click for a step-by-step manual). You should choose the FTV 194 instructor as faculty supervisor for 195. At the end of the process you will generate a PDF. Please print this out and attach to your Internship Package (see next step).
  4. You will also have to complete and get all the signatures for the Liability Waiver, Student Learning Agreement and Worker’s Comp Agreement in the Internship Package. Your employer will have to approve and countersign the Student Learning Agreement and Worker’s Comp Agreement.
  5. Drop off the completed Internship Package and the 195 Contract at the FTVDM Internship Office in 225 East Melnitz or email them to the Internship Coordinator: Once the Director of the FTVDM Internship Program has approved the paperwork, your enrollment will be processed by TFT Student Services and FTV 195 will show up on your class list.
  6. After you are formally enrolled you may request a proof of credit letter for your employer, if needed.


If you enroll in a minimum of 4 units in Summer Session, you may be eligible for on-campus housing. For more information, please visit the UCLA Housing Office.

Information for International Students

Due to rules by the Office of Homeland Security, international students who are not enrolled full-time at a U.S. college or university and do not have a valid F-1 or J-1 visa are not eligible for internships. International students with an F-1 or J-1 visa who have been enrolled for a minimum of nine months at a U.S. institution prior to the start of the summer internship may qualify. For further information, please contact the Summer Session Office: